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A Great Year to Die By R. Scott Rodin

2018 is a Great Year to Die Our willingness to die in 2018 may hold the key to the cultural reform and spiritual revival for which so many of us are praying. I’m not talking about physical death, but something much more demanding – total physical and spiritual surrender. Lest you think this a strange…

Empower Your Board By Tom Okarma

Effective fundraising and donor relationships are part of board service. But many agencies tend to overlook one of the most critical — and yet often most effective — tools for improving fundraising for nonprofits — the board. It’s no secret that best practices of successful nonprofit boards include fundraising. Often, board candidates are told during…

CLA Member Spotlight: Best Christian Workplaces Institute

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: Best Christian Workplaces Institute Trusted by over 900 ministry organizations, churches, and Christian-owned businesses since 2002, Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) helps its ministry clients create healthy, flourishing workplaces that lead to increased ministry effectiveness. As a result, a growing number of BCWI clients continue to live out the…

The Ministry of Management By Jim Canning

The Ministry of Management Is a Kingdom Call When I was growing up in the 1940’s and ‘50’s, most churches and other ministries were small, not very complex and not spending much time thinking about management practices. Much of the work was done by volunteers, and the word “management” was generally considered a “business term”…

New Year and New You By Tami Heim

A new year can make you feel like it’s time for a new you. And so, 2018 has arrived and the older you are, the faster this new year is going to roll. Some encouraging news is that you still have a small window of time to make sure you’ve gained full closure on the…

CLA Ministry Spotlight: CRISTA

Today’s Spotlight is on Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: CRISTA CRISTA is a family of ministries loving God by serving people worldwide in the areas of education, international relief & development, senior living and media. Based in Seattle, Washington with a reach both locally and globally, they exist to bring the good news of…

Outcomes Academy Online: Sharpen Your Edge

Sharpen Your Leadership Edge Enroll in the Outcomes Academy January Session It’s time to mark your calendars and plan now to sharpen your edge by enrolling in Christian Leadership Alliance’s January Outcomes Academy Online.  SAVE THE DATES This  year the registration for the Outcomes Academy deadline is January 8, 2018 Classes begin for all those…

Merry Christmas to You From Christian Leadership Alliance

Merry Christmas to You! Merry Christmas, beloved Alliance leaders. It is hard to believe that for over forty years, Christian Leadership Alliance has supported the leadership development construct for all sizes of local and global nonprofit organizations. The core founding members have been committed to the work of the Alliance through all these years. Because…

CLA Ministry Spotlight: Compassion International

Today’s Spotlight is on Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: Compassion International Compassion International is a child advocacy ministry that works to release children from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty. Compassion’s core focus is child development through sponsorship. They are deeply committed to the children and families they serve. Their work extends beyond…

A Leader's Shadow By W. Scott Brown

A Leader’s Shadow Can Create Life-Giving Cultures Like a cloud passing dramatically over a mountain valley, a leader’s character casts a profound shadow on the culture of the organization he or she serves. Leaders with positive and lasting cultural influence follow the Apostle Paul’s admonition: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in…


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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We seek to build the body of Christ by building the people Christ calls to leadership.

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