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7 Tips for Improving Donor Stewardship

 By Andrew Olsen When I think about the word stewardship, I think of the responsibility of taking care of something that belongs to someone else. The responsibility of taking care of something that belongs to someone else.  Think about that for a minute.  How does this definition impact the way you think about donors’ gifts?  Will…

Debt: Biblical Reflections and 3 Applications for Steward Leaders

 By Gary Hoag We live in a time when social activists are seeking to end slavery and human trafficking around the globe, while a more nefarious foe has enslaved the peoples of the earth: debt (Proverbs 22:7b). Perhaps we don’t hear much about this because God’s people are no different than the world. How big…

12 Ways to Effectively Keep Your Board Engaged

 By Tom Okarma Paraphrasing an old joke- QUESTION: Know how to get a few good directors” ANSWER: Start with a lot of good directors. A couple of nonprofit boards I am somewhat familiar with are in the process of losing some good directors by their own personal choice, not due to term limits. This is…

What You Need to Know About Effective and Efficient Board Orientation

Empower your Board Members for success. Let us help you do it! This Thursday, May 23, you can join CPA and author Mike Batts as he simplifies “Governing Board Orientation”via the Christian Leadership Alliance Monthly Webcast. During this time, Mike will show you how to understand and communicate: The proper roles and responsibilities of your…

GenY is Coming – Are You Ready for Us?

By Jay Sherer Two friends of mine (both former classmates at Azusa Pacific University) recently sold their tech start-up for $30 million dollars. My wife and a close friend (also both APU grads) have started their own writing/editing business. A quick scan of my LinkedIn contacts reveals vice presidents, directors, and mid-level managers. Some have…

Does Your Faith Permeate Your Fundraising?

 By Wesley K. Willmer In Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry  (Jossey-Bass), authors Tom Jeavons and Rebekah Basinger compare and contrast how a faith-based, ministry-focused model of raising resources is very different from a secular approach focused strictly on the bottom line. They concluded that it all boils down to values, because our values determine…

Rule 22: Think of a River Not a Well

There is no well to run dry; there’s only a river to pass you by.  By Douglas K. Shaw You’ve heard it; I know certainly I have, more times than I can count.  It usually pops out of somebody’s mouth when the topic of the appropriate number of times to mail fundraising appeals is on the table. …

2013 Compensation Survey Report For Christian Organizations

At the 2013 Christian Leaderhship Alliance National Conference in Anaheim, we talked about the importance of a leader caring well for those who serve with them. One of the ways a leader can do this is to be competitive in the wages and overall compensation he or she provides staff. Each year, CLA and Compensation…

4 Steps to On-Boarding Excellence

 By Mark Griffin Many leaders think that the reason turnover has decreased is because of the bad economy. That’s not entirely accurate. As the 2012 Allied Workforce Survey shows, on average, organizations typically lose fully 25 percent of all new hires within the first year. Concerned? You should be. The average cost to recruit a…

Are You Molding or Unfolding the People You Lead?

 By R. Scott Rodin A steward leader is defined as a faithful steward who is called to lead.  Pretty simple. We are called first to be faithful stewards in every area of our lives.  As we walk that journey and are called to positions of leadership, our steward’s worldview will carry over and impact every…


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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We seek to build the body of Christ by building the people Christ calls to leadership.