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3 Things You Must Know About Aging Workers

By Mark Griffin Huge changes in the labor force draw near. Here’s how to get prepared! Baby Boomers are a very influential demographic of people born after World War II, in the years 1946?1964, and will soon represent a whopping 40 percent of the workforce. In 1950, only one in six workers were over the…

The Performance Management Link

By Chad Carter According to the Best Christian Workplaces Institute, many “certified best” Christian workplaces use performance management processes to help direct performance. This then elevates the level of ministry effectiveness and encourages practices that build healthy workplaces. These healthy workplaces are yet another indicator that there is a direct link between flourishing cultures and…

How Does God See Our Giving?

By Wesley K. Willmer Many are talking about the Giving USA report that was recently released. Most people who read these figures see charitable giving in current dollars climb slightly higher year over year and conclude that we should celebrate the growing generosity of Americans. A closer look, however, reveals that our efforts to encourage greater…

CLA Webcast 7.25.13: The 5 Languages of Appreciation

Is appreciation in the workplace really the MOST important thing? Discover the tools for successfully communicating gratitude and praise in our upcoming webcast, “Appreciation at Work: Learning to Speak the Five Languages.”Join psychologist and author Dr. Paul White as he shares how you can: Learn the “languages” your employees speak and communicate your appreciation to…

Can Better Branding Cause Greater Ministry Impact?

  By Joan Begitschke What’s Your Brand Represent? Every organization has a brand, whether it is intentionally managed or not. Your brand represents who you are, what you do, and why your ministry matters to the audiences you care about. Proper attention to your brand lifts all boats. But if left unattended, you have a…

Are You Leading from the 'Right-side' Up?

  By Scott Rodin The more I read, study and write about the steward leader, the more often I find myself scratching my head and saying, “really?” This is pretty radical stuff. And as such, the more we seek to fully embrace the call to be steward leaders the more we will be considered rather…

Leading Gen Y: Lessons Learned Along the Way

By Holly Moore Several weeks ago, I watched our young staff at Growing Leaders — the nonprofit organization I help lead — host a large event for educators. It was rewarding to see them embody our core values, serving with excellence. I smiled inside as I reflected on learning to lead them and modeling the…

Are You Having an Organizational Identity Crisis?

By Mark Griffin If your organization is having an identity crisis.  You may be the last to know. The clues aren’t usually obvious, but you may sense something is wrong. Do you spot any of these patterns emerging? More and more employees are leaving Quality and/or performance is trending downward Your organization is missing deadlines Your…

Is Steward Leadership Different than Servant Leadership?

By Kent R. Wilson Although deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian heritage, the first formal application of servanthood to leadership appeared in 1970 with the writings of Robert Greenleaf. A Quaker by background, Greenleaf introduced the idea of servant leadership while a manager at AT&T. Greenleaf defined it as follows: “Who is the servant-leader? The servant-leader is…

Leading in Digital Babylon

by David Kinnaman Our team at Barna continues to explore today’s generation of younger Christians, the vitality of churches and nonprofits, and the tsunami of cultural change happening around us. I am convinced that we are facing an era of ministry that might be described as digital Babylon: an immersive, reality-redefining experience driven by ubiquitous…


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