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How "Sticky" is Your Ministry for Women Leaders?

By Dr. Halee Scott Ann initially applied as an administrative assistant at a ministry in Tennessee when her husband lost his job in the economic recession of 2008. Upper management quickly saw she had a great mind for business, and she catapulted through the ranks in the organization, eventually becoming the company’s first female vice-president.…

The Joy of Generous Community

By Donna Mace God told us in Mark 12:30-31 that there was no commandment greater than these: To love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and To love our neighbor as ourselves With Him   Extreme joy is experiencing God’s generous “saving” grace.   His washing us white; no matter our story.  Every day…

Show Me The Money

By Mark Watson Have you ever felt like raising support was all about the money? When my wife and I were first married we jumped right into raising our own support. And to be honest, at times, I hated it. The reason I hated it was because as we struggled to get by on what…

The Board's Role in Evaluating the CEO

By John Pearson It’s time to demystify the board’s role in evaluating the CEO. When I ask board members or CEOs about the annual performance review of the CEO, the reluctant responses run the continuum: “We did a review three years ago, but it didn’t go well.” “The Board Policies Manual says the Governance Committee…

9 God-honoring Principles of a Fundraising Ministry

By Wesley K. Willmer, Ph.D.  How people use their possessions is a testimony to others—a kind of trademark that shows people who a person is and what they believe. There’s an eternal link between our possessions and our soul—and we need to help people realize that connection. Only as we understand the relationship between spiritual…

CLA Webcast 9.26.13: Giving Trends and the Impact on Fall Fundraising

Do you understand the underlying trends impacting giving to your organization? With changing personal circumstances and financial climates, it can be difficult to understand. Join Rick Dunham and Una Osili on September 26, 2013 as they share “Knowledge for Tomorrow’s Philanthropy” a surprising look at giving trends, affinities and projections.You’ll discover: What philanthropy looks like today…

Faith-based Retirement Plans and You

As Christians, we’ve surrendered our right to live for ourselves and now live for Him.  How do we apply that counter-cultural attitude to retirement?  Developing a faith-based retirement plan with Him in mind can change our lives.  Retirement is not only a reward for past service, but a stepping-stone to future ministry. Did you know…

God's Word And Your Leadership Style

By George “Kip” Warton From the perspective of the Christ following leader there is an inherent coupling between a personal relationship with Christ and the ability to effectively execute as a leader in an organization.  The challenge is that there is little analysis that supports this seemingly intuitive assertion.  Most literature is anecdotal in nature…

One Key to Boosting Your Team's Performance

by Mark Griffin Want to boost job performance? Use a temperament assessment. Workplace conflicts fade and productivity improves when you use Type Indicator tools! Knowing the psychological makeup of your employees is like adding a rocket booster to your organization. Here’s why: Nothing is more common or more detrimental in an organization than clashes in…

Is God in Your Plans?

By Mike Bonem Just mention “long-range planning” around a group of church leaders, and you are sure to get a variety of reactions – deep sighs, shaking heads, uncomfortable chuckles … and maybe a few eyes that light up. Planning is one of the most notable areas where churches can experience gridlock in the intersection…


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