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Good to Great: Harnessing the Power of Diversity and Team-building

  Dr. Halee Scott The world’s oldest story is a story of leadership. The Epic of Gilgamesh, written in 18th century B.C., recounts the leadership journey of Gilgamesh from a corrupt leader to a leader who better governed his people. From the beginning, it seems that humankind has been concerned with bad leaders, good leaders,…

Ministry Life Cycle Lessons from Acts

By Jim Liske  and Wes Willmer, Ph.D At the center of all Christian life and mission is Jesus’ command: “Follow me!” What do we witness when we obey? The lame walk, the blind see, the lost are found, the proud are humbled, and prisoners find freedom. For Jesus’ first disciples, the command to follow had a…

Moving Mountains: Barriers for Christian Women Leaders

By Dr. Halee Scott Amy was a vice-president for a Christian non-profit in Los Angeles. She had been with the company for several years—it was the first place she applied after college. Amy started as an administrative assistant for the president, but senior leaders quickly realized she had a knack for business and a mind…

4 Things I Learned About Starting A Nonprofit

By Cameron Doolittle As a recovering consultant, my question when hired as the new president and CEO of Jill’s House was, “Where can I see best practices?” Our chairman answered, “Well, there’s really nothing else like this.” And our doors were supposed to open in six months! I learned quickly that new ministries are not…

Shattering the Glass Ceiling

By Dr. Halee Scott Sammie had worked for the company for ten years before she hit the “glass ceiling”. With her strong commitment to God and her irreproachable work ethic, she’d garnered the respect of the entire company—from the warehouse stockmen straight to the CEO. Sammie started in the call center, fielding calls from donors,…

3 Gifts from God on Our Cancer Journey

by Gary G. Hoag, Ph.D. It was probably the worst scenario for my wife, Jenni, to find out that she had breast cancer. It was January 19, 2011 and she was alone. I was in England fulfilling my PhD residency requirement. Sammy and Sophie, our two teenagers, were at school. She got a phone call.…

3 Labor Law Issues that Can Destroy Your Organization

By Mark Griffin Are you complying with all the proper state and federal labor laws? If not, it could cost you everything.  In large corporations, an entire human resources (HR) department navigates the complex minefield of federal and state labor laws. Most small organizations think of HR as an afterthought, or HR responsibilities like hiring,…


by Romney Ruder Perfection. It is interesting how this word has been used over the course of time. Commentators use the word to describe Kevin Durant’s basketball jump shot. Jewelers use the term to help drive up the price of precious gems. Even weather forecasters refer to the looming storm systems with this word. It…

What Happens When Plans Fail

by Mike Bonem When corporate executives evaluate a new initiative, they will consider the “facts” and recommendations and then make a decision whether to proceed. Of course, facts are not always accurate and those implementing the plan are not infallible, so business plans may fail. When this happens, good leaders ask “why?” In some cases,…

How "Sticky" is Your Ministry for Women Leaders?

By Dr. Halee Scott Ann initially applied as an administrative assistant at a ministry in Tennessee when her husband lost his job in the economic recession of 2008. Upper management quickly saw she had a great mind for business, and she catapulted through the ranks in the organization, eventually becoming the company’s first female vice-president.…


What is CLA?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We seek to build the body of Christ by building the people Christ calls to leadership.

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