Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: Masterworks

Christian Leadership Alliance Founders Council Member: Masterworks

Masterworks is a full-service agency that partners with Christian nonprofits in their fundraising, marketing, branding, technology and analytics. The name Masterworks reflects our commitment to serve alongside clients in the work of our Master. Their mission is to amplify the message and multiply the impact of organizations that do God’s work.

Masterworks supports ministries in five key ways:

  1. Developing omni-channel donor acquisition approaches to reach new audiences
  2. Piloting initiatives to cultivate lifelong constituent participation and build engaged audiences
  3. Creating branding and content strategies to refine an organization’s voice and messaging
  4. Designing and delivering digital donor experiences through integrated digital media
  5. Conducting original research and comprehensive analysis to guide marketing decisions

For years, Christian organizations have struggled to acquire enough new donors, and retention rates are at an all-time low. As direct mail acquisition performance continues to decline, executives are asking, “How do we improve constituent engagement, reduce attrition, and maximize donor long-term value?

Historically, fundraising and direct marketing has been transnactional in nature, often leaving donors feeling like ATM cash machines. The Masterworks approach is different.

Their sustainable model addresses the total donor experience. Using a variety of channels and new technologies, we help you find, attract and engage donors in ways that foster an emotional connection and relationship. As a result, donors give more, stay with you longer, and provide more long-term value.


Far too many organizations view marketing and fundraising as a necessary evil, and treat audiences as an afterthought. But every time you communicate with your donors, you have the opportunity to minister to them.

When you practice marketing and fundraising as ministry, you will inspire your donors to fulfill what God calls them to do. You will inspire them to be generous.

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And at the Outcomes Conference 2018 – stop by the Masterworks booth in the Exhibit Hall!

And be sure to attend these sessions taught by Masterworks leaders!

  • Wednesday, Apr 18 at 9:00am Déjà vu All Over Again – Stephen Reiter, Lee Truax
  • Thursday, Apr 19 at 9:00am Fundraising Breakthrough: Unleashing Donor Experience – Kn Moy

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