Authenticity Matters By Holly Moore

Authenticity is Built on Trust

By Holly Moore ~

The leaders who impacted me the most, early in my career, led with authenticity. I was open to their influence because the relationship was built on trust and open communication. Now, I am trying to emulate their example and continue to grow in my ability to lead authentically. It makes or breaks the relationships I have with my team, especially the next generation of leaders.

For me, leading with authenticity means that I am a trustworthy and a clear communicator. For instance, I try to give feedback to my team in “real time” to take advantage of teachable moments: to praise and specifically note what they did well and the positive outcome, or to talk about how something could be done differently to achieve a better outcome.

When we lead authentically, our team knows where they stand.

They know how to measure success, and if there are ever times of discipline, it shouldn’t come as a surprise because we’ve been having open dialogue all along.

How important is it for you to be trusted as a leader?


Holly Moore  is the Vice-President, Growing Leaders. These are her thoughts on authentic leadership as featured in Outcomes Magazine – Spring 2013

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