God is God By Tami Heim


God is God, and God, God.

By Tami Heim ~

I give thanks that God is God. He sees all, knows all and is in control of all things. Regardless of what is happening around the world, I have faith and hope because I believe His promises are true. His steadfast love through the ages is well documented and even now I find Him to be staggeringly lavish in every way.

As Christian leaders, we must daily embrace our call to share the good news while serving and leading others according to God’s holy purpose. No matter where we serve or what we have been called to steward, we rejoice in being part in this epic redemption story. As His bride we offer praise and thanksgiving to the One Who makes all things possible. We press through our situations, feelings and obstacles to exalt Him only. We fall to our knees in adoration because God is God, and God, God. He is worthy.

Charles Spurgeon once wrote, “Doth not all nature around me praise God? If I were silent, I should be an exception to the universe. Doth not the thunder praise Him as it rolls like drums in the march of the God of armies? Do not the mountains praise Him when the woods upon their summits wave in adoration? Doth not the lightning write His name in letters of fire? Hath not the whole earth a voice? And shall I, can I, silent be?”

I encourage you to take time today, to behold your God and meditate on Psalm 100. Let the words sink in. I pray as you do, it will inspire a flow of fresh thanksgiving as you become fully present to the truth that God is God.

Psalm 100: 1-5, MSG

On your feet now—applaud God!
    Bring a gift of laughter,
    sing yourselves into his presence.

Know this: God is God, and God, God.
    He made us; we didn’t make him.
    We’re his people, his well-tended sheep.

Enter with the password: “Thank you!”
    Make yourselves at home, talking praise.
    Thank him. Worship him.

For God is sheer beauty,
    all-generous in love,
    loyal always and ever.


Tami Heim is the president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance.

Christian Leadership AllianceChristian Leadership Alliance (CLA) represents a global network of more than 6,000 mission-focused Christians who lead in Christian nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions, and businesses. Committed to the vision of a world where all Christian leaders steward their lives, resources, and callings with Christ-honoring excellence, influence, and impact, CLA exists to equip and unite leaders called to transform the world for Christ.

CLA is grateful for its members and their willingness to generously invest in each other for greater Kingdom impact. Experience the Alliance in action by joining us for the annual  Outcomes Conference April 4-6, 2017. 

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