Burning Questions You Need to Answer By Shannon Litton

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By Shannon Litton ~

 What are the burning questions you need to answer before building your ministry brand plan?

Once you know where you’re headed as a ministry leadership team, it is just as important to know how to get there. Intentionality and preparation is key to carving out a strategic plan to yield measurable results. But, where to begin?

We believe the first step is to ask the right questions to establish internal alignment and set the groundwork for a successful strategic planning process. Based on our years of experience, we have identified five key areas and the subsequent burning questions to kick-start those conversations and get your team off on the right foot.


  • What strategic communications efforts have we implemented in the past?
  • What of those efforts have been effective and what has not?
  • How can brand efforts and storytelling help our organization advance our mission?


  • What capacity do we have as a team for strategic communications?
  • Do we have individuals with the right resources and skills to shape and share our stories?
  • What resources can we tap into to get the job done?


  • What assets do we currently have or do we need to create?
  • Are these assets consistently telling our brand story?
  • Is this content positioning us as experts / sharing our unique value contribution?


  • What channels are we currently using to communicate with our audience?
  • Do we see engagement with our audience through our current reach efforts on those platforms?
  • What technologies are available (or needed) to help people curate, house and share our story?


  • How are we currently measuring our success?
  • What simple, effective and meaningful metrics can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of our plans?
  • What tools are we implementing or can we implement to help us automate and track these metrics?

Taking time on the front-end to answer these burning questions will position your organization on an intentional path forward to optimizing your clarity and reach for Kingdom impact.


Shannon Litton is president of 5by5 Agency, a full-service marketing and digital agency headquartered in Brentwood, TN. 5by5 serves change makers, those who work where life change happens. Their strategic services include communications plans, websites, mobile apps, ad campaigns, and fundraising initiatives, delivering messages with undeniable clarity, reach, and results.


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