Lessons for Leaders: Let it Go by Wayne Pederson

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By Wayne Pederson

I recently sold our home of 32 years. The garage and storage room was full of stuff we had set aside because we might “need it someday”.

30 years later, those indispensable filled the 8 yard dumpster I ordered.

Interesting how the things we hang on to as indispensable become of little or no value.  The things we hoard become a burden when the time comes to divest and move on.

Instead of having a garage sale or listing my stuff on Ebay or Craig’s List, I gave it away.

  • My daughters got some nice furniture.
  • A refugee resettlement ministry took a ton of furniture, dishes, books and accessories.
  • Our church helped a poor family get back on their feet with a bunch of our furniture.
  • We gave a nice piano to the youth pastor at our church.

Instead of trying to eek out a few dollars with a garage sale, it felt good to give it away.

And if we can use our accumulated possessions to bless others in the name of Jesus, it’s a good thing.  And what if, as a leader, you became known as a giver, not a taker

That’s why Jesus said: It’s more blessed to give than to receive.


Wayne Pederson is the president of Reach Beyond and has provided leadership to some of the top media ministries in the country including Moody Radio, Northwestern Radio, National Religious Broadcasters and Mission America Coalition.

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  1. Such powerful encouragement to younger folks navigating what their lives should be like. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you as you navigate the next steps God has planned for you.

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