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Christian Leadership Alliance appreciates the sponsor for People Management & Care track MMBB – A Financial Service Ministry.

About Our Sponsor

Financial Realists for People of Faith.

MMBB understands the unique blessings and challenges of the ministry, and support our members with professional money management, educational opportunities, and service.

MMBB simplifies benefits for you.

MMBB provides “one-stop shopping” for all of your benefit and retirement needs. We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes:

  • A 403(b) retirement plan that provides an annuity to your employees for life
  • Life and disability insurance, with rates among the lowest in the U.S.

Can MMBB offer retirement only?

Yes—and you determine the contribution level. Even part-time employees are eligible! And all of our plans allow for matching employee contributions.

MMBB’s plans are easy to set up, flexible in structure—and any of our options can be selected a la carte to meet your organization’s needs. Best of all: we do all of the work for you!

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